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Saudi Arabia Will Have Its First Concert In The Sea

Can you guess the artist?

Hot air balloons over one of the world’s most historical regions, world-renowned racing events in the desert, larger-than-life art installations amongst the dunes – you name it! For the past three years, Saudi Arabia has been hosting a series of unique events for people inside the Kingdom and visitors from around the globe. Now, the country will have its very-first concert in the sea, as the Red Sea Cruise Ship Company announced this week a concert on the 13th of September featuring Egyptian star Amr Diab. 

The concert, which will also feature renowned Iraqi singer Majid Al Mohandes, will be held on the second voyage of the Red Sea Cruise Ship Company. Diab’s concert will be held aboard the sailing vessel, which will go on a 4-day trip across the Red Sea while making various stops along the way. The cost of the cruise, which includes the first-of-its-kind concert, is said to start from 10,465 riyals (about $ 2,800) per person. 

According to, the cruise line set sail on its first tourism trip just a month ago from King Abdullah Port in Rabigh city near Jeddah, carrying 450 passengers including a number of famous artists and soccer players. This second voyage is set to be as memorable, as it will mark one of the first times a cruise ship sets sail from Saudi Arabia’s shores and the first time a concert will be held literally in its waters.

Last month, the Kingdom began offering luxury cruises of the stunning waters of the Arabian coast. For the first time ever, cruise ships set sail from the Saudi Arabia’s ports towards an adventure in the open sea that promises to appeal to all ages. These newly launched cruise liners reportedly offer guests everything, from a world of dining options to luxurious spas, live music performances to enthralling shows, while sailing past diverse sea life, rolling waves, virgin reefs, and uninhabited islands.

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