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6 Million Students in KSA Adapt To New Online Learning Platform

With the new school year kicking in amidst a pandemic, Saudi Arabia launched new learning platform Madrasati for distance learning, meant to facilitate online learning. As 6 million schools students and a half a million educators went back to virtual school, many were facing struggles with the e-platform.

We couldn't help but share a heartwarming story showing the sacrifice teachers take every day. A teacher in Saudi Arabia took a road trip to reach his students’ homes across the mountains. The purpose of the trip? To tutor students and train them about the new education platform.

Many students, parents, and teachers took to Twitter on this week to express their frustration towards the new complex learning app. And so it’s amazing to see a teacher travel distances to help students get a proper grip on the new platform. Secondary school student Mariam Harthi from Jeddah told Arab News she preferred the previous school term:

“It was much easier before this platform, we used to arrange everything with the teacher via our Telegram group and attend classes with her on ZOOM or Microsoft Teams, and things were going well. I still cannot register on the new platform and I don’t know why yet, although I followed the instructions. Something is wrong.”

We hope that the educational body will quickly gain expertise in the new Madrasati platform!

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