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Meet Tala Al-Jahlan: The Executive Director of Legal Affairs at the G20 Saudi Secretariat

Since August, Tala Al-Jahlan has been appointed as the executive director of legal affairs at the G20 Saudi Secretariat where she heads the legal affairs and compliance department.

In a recent interview with Saudi daily Arab News, Al Jahlan said that her team had a vital role in streamlining daily tasks, organize relations under a legal framework.

“We are the result of our country’s and leadership investments in the youth, we are an example of such support and empowerment,” she added. “I’m proud to be a product of my country. I have been educated in Saudi Arabia and had my career in Saudi. I have been taught and trained by Saudis.”

Al-Jahlan is quite the multitasker! Aside from her job in the G20 Saudi Secretariat, the leading Saudi lady started off her degree in education in commercial law at Prince Sultan University in 2019.

Between 2006 and 2011, Al-Jahlan earned a law degree and joined the G20 Saudi Secretariat as a senior legal adviser until her last August promotion. In terms of trainings, she interned at Al-Sulaim Al-Awaji and Partners Law Firm between Sept. 2010 and April 2011 and became a senior legal adviser between May 2011 and Oct. 2019.

According to Arab News, Al-Jahlan has represented international and Saudi corporations and families in transactions connected to corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder agreements, foreign direct investment, facility agreements, agency, and distributorship matters.

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