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Riyadh Season Will Feature A ‘Coco Chanel’ Play Starring Sherihan

Back in the limelight where she belongs, the Egyptian stars as the founder of the storied French maison.

Sherihan is back to charm audiences after a 30-year hiatus. And we can’t think of a better way for the star, considered to be one of Egypt’s most iconic actors, to find her place in the spotlight once again than playing the legendary designer Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel. In exciting news for Saudi fans, they will be able to watch the play called “Coco Chanel” in cinemas during the next Riyadh Season. The play will be shown in the Saudi capital after it is initially screened in one of the major theatres in Sherihan’s native Cairo, in honour of her artistic history. A couple of other screenings of the play, which will also be shown on TV at a later stage, are expected across the region too.  


Une publication partagée par Sherihan شريهان (@sherihanofficial) le

The play’s author, Medhat Al-Adl, revealed the play, all about the life of the famous French fashion designer and the luxury brand she launched, was actually filmed last year. However, showing the production, which has nine songs, had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. “It will be a mark in the history of Sherihan, in our history and in the history of theatre,” he said in a release.  


Une publication partagée par Sherihan شريهان (@sherihanofficial) le

The 55-year-old, who had to retire from acting in the 2000s to undergo treatment for a rare type of cancer, did perform in 2017 during a celebration held in Cairo to inaugurate her return to acting via another El Adl piece. 


Une publication partagée par Sherihan شريهان (@sherihanofficial) le

After starting her artistic career at the very young age of four, she went on to appear in theatres, cinemas and on TV.  She is known for enthralling theatre goers while starring in “Sakk Ala Banatak” alongside superstar Fouad Al-Mohandes, and “Mohamed Ali Street,” which also featured the late Farid Shawky. At the cinema, Sherihan, who made waves during Ramadan with her billboards, had highly successful films like “Al Tok we Al-Eswera” and “Al-Mar’aw Al-Qanoon.” 

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