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Find Your Happy With This Floral Workshop In Dubai

The creative outlet leaves a lasting impression and has lots of health and wellbeing benefits …

Whether you’re a millennial looking to spruce up your first home, a busy mum who wants to show off her creative skills during a family gathering, or just want to brighten up someone’s day with a handmade effort, floral workshops are a fun and extremely favourable option.  

Flowers have and immediate and long-term effects on our mood, increase happiness and incite intimacy, according to “Evolutionary Psychology.” And there’s a lot more evidence about how the presence of flowers and botanicals can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Yet, it seems flower arranging offers even more benefits. The calm and creative hobby that combines reviving aromas with uplifting colours and different textures is great for mental health. A therapeutic form of adult play, flower arranging is a wonderful way to decrease stress, relax, forget your problems and enjoy tapping into your creative side. Additionally, floristry, which is being lauded by healthcare professionals, focuses on specific visual arts skills that challenge the mind and could improve cognitive processing and memory. Plus, of course, there’s all that creative expression, enhanced focus on detail and problem solving. Another important added advantage to arranging flowers is that it transports nature indoors, making us feel closer to it and helping  integrating it into our home or work environment.   

With all this is in mind, it’s great to know Fine Blooms has launched their socially distanced floral workshops. While helping guests unleash their creative sides, the Dubai-based bespoke floral design studio will be focusing on the basics of floristry and flower care. Chloe Szukilojc, Creative Director of the studio that uses seasonal blooms to create arrangements, installations and events that match the surroundings and environment, will be guiding budding florists through the creation process.  Spiralling is one technique they will get to master while they have access to a fully stocked floral fridge. At the end of the session, guests get to carry home a wonderful medium sized bouquet, plus a pair of florist scissors to keep on snipping. 

Priced at 700DHS per person, guests can sign up for the workshops through WhatsApp on +97152 333 1122. Fine Blooms also welcomes group bookings, private sessions and events (price on request). 

Did you know? 
A study by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Director of the Human Emotions Laboratory at Rutgers University, found that flowers have an instant impact on happiness. The research hinted that flowers can have a positive effect upon moods, can diminish anxiety and make spaces more welcoming.  

Yet another study by Haviland-Jones, an internationally recognised authority in the role of emotional development in human behaviour and nonverbal emotional signals and response, found that flowers have a positive effect upon older people. Blooms helped reduce depression, boosted happiness and positive moods and stimulated sociability.  

Roger Ulrich studied the effect of flowers and the workplace. The Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Texas A&M University found that more innovative thinking, more ideas and original solutions were created in places with flowers and plants.

A study by Nancy Etcoff, Associate Professor of Harvard Medical School and psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, discovered that flowers in people’s homes, even for just a few days, helped in decreasing anxiety and made them feel more optimistic. Plus, people felt happier and showed more excitement and zest at work.

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