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Saudi Arabia's Al Ula Region To Welcome Visitors Once Again, Starting October

In a few weeks, summer will transition into more pleasant weather all across Saudi Arabia and as COVID-19-related lockdown measures continue to ease, residents and visitors of the Kingdom are looking forward to what the approaching season holds. Part of the upcoming calendar of events Saudi Arabia has in store include the reopening of Al Ula, one of its most renowned regions located in the northwest of the country.

AlUla is renowned the world over as host of many landmark events including top-notch concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, sporting events, and more. It is also known as Saudi Arabia’s cultural and heritage destination, home to breathtaking landscapes, centuries of history, and some of the world’s ancient civilizations.

Now, according to Financial Times, Al Ula plans to offer visitors access to previously main heritage sites, cultural touring options, and a range of adventure experiences. Indeed, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) will give all-year-round access to these sites, making this a first as these locations were only accessible during specific events such as the region’s Winter in Tantora festival.

The article explains that the key heritage sites people will be able to access are: Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site; Dadan, described as one “of the most developed 1st millennium BCE cities of the Arabian Peninsula”; and Jabal Ikmah, often referred to as one of the most significant sites of early Arabic inscriptions.

The region’s reopening will also offer a range of immersive experiences, from walks, treks, and guided trails led by a local Rawi (storyteller), to light-touch experiences curated around Al Ula’s breathtaking landscapes, vast sky, and centuries of history. The region’s staples such as Winter Park and events hosted at Maraya will also make a comeback.   

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