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The Halo Eye Make-up Trend

When done right, it looks so heavenly….

With the upper half of the face being the only visible part when wearing a mask, lipsticks are temporarily in the back seat while eye make-up is doing all the talking. And as people explore eye trends that shine through it isn’t surprising halo eyes, which magically produce a bigger, perkier gaze, are back with a bang. The beauty trend, also known as “spotlight eyes” is ruling social media and is a great alternative for beauty lovers who want a change from le smoky.

The pretty technique that instantly gets you looking angelic and on trend is all about strategically separating your eyeshadow into three sections while applying it on your upper lid and the rims of the lower lash line. To get the look, all you really need to do is put a swipe of one shade in the middle surrounded by a contrasting (darker) colour on the inner and outer corner of the lids to create a halo effect. As well as having an instant eye-brightening impact, using a lighter, shimmery hue in the centre for accent makes your eyes look softer and rounder. The entire look is focused on this shaft of light in the middle so make sure to pick a colour that really shines. 


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In addition, the latest Instagram trend takes minimal time and is extremely easy to pull off. Applying some primer or foundation to the eye area before starting is a great way to create a smooth base and ensure your entire look stays in place. Plus, it’s important to blend out your crease, as well as the spots where the pop of colour meets your darker shadows for a natural transition. Halo eyes look amazing completed with a thin cat eye, with the liner tight to the lash line, and lashings of mascara to add volume and length to those lashes.  


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What’s more, the eye fad of the moment can be worn on any occasion, from an extravagant night out to a day of meetings, and you’re free to try out a bevvy of colours. For the evening, dark shades like navy or graphite at the inner and outer corners look fantastic with a glittery centre, or perhaps a warm burgundy with a golden middle. And for an office look there are options like bronzes matched with a chrome centre, maybe indigo next to ice blue or a peach or mauve monochromatic look.   

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