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Saudi Arabia Launches A Female Archery Championship

It's the first time that the championship selects 4 female judges.

The Kingdom's 27 best female archers have gathered to compete in the  preliminary rounds of Saudi Women’s Archery Championship which started this week at Bow Square in Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Olympic Complex in Riyadh.

According to Saudi newspaper Okaz, four women judges Asma Al-Shaban, Fatima Abdi, Hana Tafesh, and Asma Al-Zahrani are managing the event for the first time at the level of the federation championships. Appointed by the Saudi Arabian Archery Federation, the organization boosts further female participation in competitions and championships.

Amongst the athletes, Motaira Al-Shammari stands out as the first Saudi female archer to participate in compound bow competitions. The awesome trailblazers will participate 60-meter competitions, five in the 30-meter distance and 18 archers in the 18-meter competitions. Good luck to all and may the odds be in your favor (pun intended)!

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