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Saudi Arabia Launches A Flexible Work System To Empower Young Jobseekers

As Saudi Arabia slowly comes back to life following months of strict lockdown and COVID-19-related preventive measures, the country is looking at ways to boost its economy and increase the number of jobs available to its nationals. As part of its efforts, the country’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has just launched an initiative called “Flexible Work Regulation.” 

This new work system is said to offer hourly based jobs done through a flexible contractual regulation, and will cover a wide range of private sector fields. Under this work system, any person can choose to work flexible shifts and towards a maximum number of 95 hours per workplace each month. In addition, they are not subject to a probation or trial period. 

The focus of this initiative is not only to provide more job opportunities for young Saudis, which will allow them to have more chances at earning an income and build their experience, it is also to meet the temporary and seasonal needs of many private sector organizations. Indeed, according to the Minister Ahmed Al Rajhi, this flexible work system aims to help raise the rate of Saudi Arabians engaging in the work market and reduce the overall employment rate in the Kingdom, in line with key goals of Vision 2030.

In order to ensure everyone’s rights are upheld and protected, these work contracts will be hosted on one unified portal set up by the Ministry. With regards to new employees, workplaces will need to register them and verify all data through Absheer, and for those who have already been registered in the system before, organizations need only to select their names off the portal. In this way, the Ministry can make sure that these jobs are going to nationals and not towards illegal foreign workers.

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