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The Giving Movement Launches A Multi-Wear Season 2 Collection

The Giving Movement is the Dubai based athleisure label that has taken fashionistas by storm with their sustainable fabric and stylish cuts. Made entirely from sustainable fabrics and contributing to a charitable cause, the brand is now launching their Season 2 collection: Liquid Shine.  

Since the start of the pandemic, its highly likely that you’ve all been living in your athleisure! Taking it from your workout to your at-home work desk, there is nothing wrong with wearing it all the time especially if it is chic and comfy! 

Taking all of that into consideration, The Giving Movement’s second collection has a focus on being able to wear athleisure anywhere, any time.

Following the major success of the Season 1 collection, the label has launched Liquid Shine, which is made from performance fabric, and is perfect to work out in as well as play in. Polished rather than brushed in production, the manufacturing process does not use any chemicals, therefore is not harmful to the environment. Leaving the pieces with a shine finish, it is like your normal high-performance active wear, but a step-up in the glam scale. The newly released items have been designed so that you can also wear your fresh-off-the-rack garments to lunch, plans with friends or even to the mall, without looking that you are running straight off the treadmill to have drinks with the girls. 

Just like Season 1, all pieces of the Liquid Shine collection are made from ‘Softskin’, created using recycled post-consumer bottles and organic bamboo, it is as gentle to the earth as it will be on your skin. Launched in all your favourite colours of the previous season, as well as three new ones for Autumn/Winter, you will have a look on your hands that will be a staple piece for years to come. 

As always, with every single item you purchase, $4 will be donated to The Giving Movements partner charities. Dubai-based global philanthropic organisation, Dubai Cares and Harmony House, an independent non-profit organisation in India that is dedicated to improving the lives of children on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level. Every item that you buy will be donated to fund projects that provide access to safe education, food, clothing, and medical care to under-privileged and young people.  

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