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A Look At Saudi Arabia's Alqan Village, Also Known As The Snow Village

A month ago, two photographs taken by a Saudi local named Khalid Al-Amrani made the rounds online. Both showed the view through an open door of a roofless structure, one opening to striking sands and sunshine, the other showing pristine white snow, taken in January of this year in the center of Alqan Village. Many outside Saudi Arabia were surprised to see that the Kingdom experienced snowfall but for locals in Tabuk where Alqan is located, this photograph was no surprise as snow is a usual winter occurrence. 

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Indeed, Alqan Village, which is located in the northern part of the country, draws in many visitors each winter season because of its breathtaking white landscape, and that is why it has come to be popularly known as “The Snow City.” People from all over the Kingdom flock to the region every winter with tents, setting up camp for the day or longer, in order to enjoy the cold weather and breathtaking landscape.  

Apart from its winter wonderland reputation, Alqan is also known for its old heritage homes, many which have become rundown with time but some that still stand strong. Their traditional architectural style of being built on an elevated area using tree trunks, palm trees, and stones is still prominent.  


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The village is also planning to launch a number of development projects that aim to provide a wide array of hotels and guest houses for visitors, as well as dining options and cafes, and key tourist attractions ranging from parks to mountain tours. 


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Visitors to Alqan can also explore the larger region of Tabuk, which is renowned for its climate, history, heritage sites such as its Turkish fort built in 1694, stunning landscapes, and magnificent mountains. The region is located in the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia that intersects Egypt and Jordan, and is also one of the fastest-growing industrial centers of Saudi Arabia.   

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