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How To Keep Your Best Employees From Leaving

Some useful strategies for all you girl bosses…

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Disengagement in the workplace is a big and serious issue. It means the employees who once came to the company motivated and full of ideas, eager to succeed and help the company soar, cannot wait to switch off their computers once the clock strikes five. This kind of detachment leads to a higher turnover if you do not work hard on keeping hold of your highly qualified workforce. Here is a number of tips to keep your best employees' content and avoid losing them to other companies: 

 1. Don’t ask staff to do everything your way 
Allow them to discuss work matters with you and be part of the decision-making process. 

2. Listen

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 Avoid interrupting your employees no matter how important what you wanted to say was. To help you maintain your silence and listen carefully, take notes, and then wait for your employee to finish to tackle your points.

3. Improve communication

Open better communication channels between you and your staff to keep them up-to-date on what happens within and outside the company by sending regular emails and holding individual as well as group meetings.

4. Reward achievements 
Make it part of the company’s culture to acknowledge and reward excellent behaviour and accomplishments. When you know how every employee is contributing and reward contribution positively, you will instil values of justice, loyalty and encouragement in your personnel and have a better chance at retaining them. 

5. Choose motivators carefully 

Not everyone is looking for a monetary reward. Some might be more motivated if they have a more flexible schedule or maybe be able to take more days off. Others would be happy to have a sports lounge or a recreation station where they can blow off some steam. 

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