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Shake Up Your Home with These 5 Chic Décor Ideas from ‘Fixer Upper’

Whether it’s using dramatic light fixtures or sticking to earthy tones, these easy and stylish décor ideas from hit TV series “Fixer Upper” will give your home a makeover.
Husband and wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines are the beauty and brains behind HGTV’s hit series “Fixer Upper.” In line with its most recent season dropping here in the region, we’ve rounded up some of their favourite home décor tips you can recreate in your own homes.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

1. Going green: bringing a space to life

Plants always add the finishing touch to any home, and on “Fixer Upper” it’s no exception. Not only do they personalise your home, but they also serve tremendous health benefits, including reducing carbon dioxide and deterring illness.
However, remember to choose your plants based on your living situation and attentiveness. Snake plants for instance, are very low maintenance. They can survive with little care and hardly any light. Elephant Bush, on the other hand, needs a warm room with lots of light.

 2. Light up your life: using dramatic light fixtures

Be it lampshade, or chandelier, we know the Gaines’s love using extravagant light features, a personal favourite of theirs being industrialised pendants that combine modern style and a functional source of light. We love how these dramatic fixtures brighten up any room literally and figuratively.

3. Open shelving – especially in the kitchen

What a unique way to display your goods! By using open shelving, the shelves become a design focal point yet remain functional. The feature also allows you to switch up the style of your space by rearranging the items on your shelf. It is convenient, but sometimes high maintenance with regards to keeping it tidy, so make sure you lay out your most used items to minimise this.

 4. Repurposing ordinary objects

It certainly is a prominent trademark to get creative with old, vintage and ordinary objects on “Fixer Upper.” Not only do they serve as display features, but also give the home a more collected look. Throughout the series you will see these items in the forms of flags, books, doors, signs, benches and art. It is so simple to do, yet makes all the difference.

 5. Sticking to earthy tones

It is evident that Chip and Joana’s go-to colours are neutral shades of cream, grey and brown, and it is no wonder why. These colours are soft, timeless and subtle enough to really let your family’s story be the focal point of the space. Additionally, using earthy tones allows for a few bold elements and simple pops of colour without getting overlooked.

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