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Cloud Bread Is The Latest Photogenic Food Trend To Go Viral

The newfound love we found for home cooking during the pandemic continues with these pretty and fluffy loaves…

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Banana bread, dalgona coffee and sourdough move over, cloud bread is the latest culinary trend sweeping Instagram and TikTok. And like dalgona, millions of people are mostly whipping it up because of how pretty it looks after adding a touch of food colouring, rather than how good it tastes. With all the ultra-colourful pictures flooding our screens, it’s easy to see why the meringue-like concoction with a pillow-esque interior is perfect for the “cottagore” aesthetic that’s all the rage on TikTok nowadays, especially when it comes in a fetching pastel hue.  


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As well as appealing to those looking to up the ante when it comes to baking something pretty, fluffy cloud bread is the perfect choice for those who want an incredibly simple recipe that requires only three ingredients that are usually found in any kitchen. 


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Gluten-free and low-carb, the trending version of cloud bread comes together super quickly and easily. While the original recipe is made with just egg whites, corn starch and white sugar, the Internet offers countless variations, from cotton candy cloud bread to a matcha iteration. Many have added their own twists with extras like almond slices, rainbow sprinkles, Oreo pieces and strawberry or vanilla extract. For those who prefer to go savoury, options include garlic butter or parmesan cheese.  


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The original cloud bread  
It appears the recent cloud bread trend was started by TikTok user @linqanaaa, who posted a video of the recipe on July 27. However, cloud bread actually originated with the low-carb, high-protein Atkins diet in the 1970s. The original recipe was made with eggs, cream cheese, baking powder and optional flavouring. 

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