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Make The Most of Your Summer at Home With These Décor Tips

Create a relaxing yet stunning oasis by adding the right colours and accessories…

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For many of us this this year, summer is about making the most of the comfort of our homes and its surroundings rather than jetting off to Europe or an exotic locale. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get those fabulous summertime vibes we have grown to love during our travels right where we are, with just a couple of decorating tweaks.

From a simple blend of on-trend neutral colours to adding some chrome touches, here’s what you can do to update your home for the sunny season according to the experts at Max Fashion.

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1.Think neutral

This season, décor is all about understated nude tones and rich, creamy fabrics, and as it so happens, adding in neutral colours to a room is a simple, yet extremely effective way of bringing summer indoors. It’s also a fantastic way to make you feel like you’re staying in a luxurious and relaxing resort, without having to think of those bills. Since gold is one of the undisputed colours that scream five-star summer, use hits of it everywhere throughout your home. Whether it’s on a new set of patterned cushions to liven up your chairs and sofas, or a new piece of artwork on the wall, it adds a splash of opulence to your home. However you go about doing this, make sure your choice is on-trend and first-rate. 

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2. Focus on the details

A sunny and summery pattern is one of the best ways to embrace home décor this season. A good option is to choose block tones with intricate details and prints, whether it’s complex embroidery or ornate geometric metal designs in decorative items. There really are so many possibilities when it comes to prints and patterns that scream “summertime and the livin’ is easy.” 

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3. Pick metallic highlights

Simple add-ons to a living room can bring a touch of modern luxury. Whether it’s some standout candleholders or glass jars,  trimmings are a low-cost and effective way to draw the eye to any central surface.  

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4. Go for gold

As well as being affordable and a simple hack when contemplating summer décor, new accessories will add personality and visual focus to any room. From pillar candles and potted plants that come in a gold holder to gold candleholders or metallic tea light ones, there are numerous ways to add personality and seasonal flair in your home. 

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5. Add touches of greenery

This is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, because so much of our time in the summer is spent indoors to beat the heat. There’s just something about fresh blooms that make your home feel bright and cheery. Alternatively, potted ferns, wreaths and potpourri can also make a statement.  

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