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How You Can Help Lebanon Now

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Following the devastating explosion that destroyed the Port of Beirut earlier this week, the capital city has been left shaken and shattered. 

News hubs have, so far, reported over 154 deaths, 5000 people with injuries, and 300,000 people left homeless. The cause of the explosion happens to be attributed to an estimated 2.5 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was stored in a warehouse close to the port for over 5 years and combusted. An independant investigation will be carried out to give justice to the victims, the people, and Beirut.


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Dubai’s ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum released a statement about the tragic event that has claimed a number of lives, homes and damaged a large part of Beirut in a bid to show his support and express his sadness at what has happened on his Instagram account. The post was an image of Lebanon’s flag and (translated from Arabic) was captioned, “Condolences to our beloved people in Lebanon…O Allah, have mercy on those who have moved to you…O Allah, grant us mercy on the people of Lebanon patience and solace…” 

Since the heart breaking explosion took place, there are a number of resources being shared on social media for people to be able to donate and help in any way they can, and these are just some of the ways in which you can help Lebanon and the people of Beirut… 

1. The Lebanese Red Cross Online 
This Lebanese Red Cross Online helps provide ambulance services in the country, among several other life-saving things. It said on Twitter yesterday that it has already set up “[a] triage and first aid stations” to help people with noncritical injuries and could still use aid through donations. 

2. Impact Lebanon – Just Giving 
This group is raising disaster relief through the crowdfunding site JustGiving. So far, almost £5.1 million has been raised.

3. Local NGOs 
Organizations such as Beit Al BarakaAhla Fawda, and Lebanese Food Bank are accepting donations of all amounts in order to provide disaster relief.

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