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The Saudi Cruelty Free Makeup Brand To Know About

Jawa 7alawa stands out amongst its competitors especially in an arena where international brands take center stage. The emerging Saudi beauty brand is the creation of Rahaf Jambi, a popular influencer, who launched her makeup products in July 2020, with a focus on being halal, clean and cruelty free.  

The name of the brand “Jawa 7alawa” is a take on Hejazi slang. It happens to be a compliment to girls of Javanese heritage with “Jawa” referring to Javanese people and “7awala” translating as sweets or candy. 

Rahaf Jambi has so far, launched three eye lash products: faux mink lashes in two different styles called Hatoon and Rahaf, and an eyeliner that has magnetic properties so that women who do use the lashes can do away with messy glues.


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Inspired by herself and her sisters, Jambi has named the lash sets after them. Rahaf lashes are dramatic in style and the Hatoon lashes have a more natural look.  

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic was a breeding ground for many creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs to set about achieving their goals as Rahaf Jambi started to work on her own brand whilst in quarantine. She told Arab News: “I’ve always wanted to create something for myself. I used to continuously postpone this idea, but during the quarantine, I felt like I had the time to sit and think and actually get something out of this pandemic.” 


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Sustainability, animal rights and eco-responsibility are at the forefront of Jawa 7alawa as Jambi continued, “Whenever I try to buy lashes, they always turn out to be mink lashes. It’s not cruelty-free, and it’s against my values. I wanted to achieve the same high-quality lashes, which feel like mink lashes, without using cruel practices. One of my brand’s main values is sustainability. It is a pretty container that can be used well after the lashes are gone, instead of just being thrown away,” said Rahaf. 


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What’s more is that one percent of the profits of each sale of her products are donated to animal charity organizations. “You’re not only buying, you’re giving back,” she said.  

Jawa 7alawa will be launching more makeup products soon and you can see more on the brand’s Instagram page @Jawa7alawa

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