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Rami Khalife Plays An Exclusive Melody For Brunello Cucinelli’s Latest Campaign

The Lebanese musical maestro was an integral part of the project…

Brunello Cucinelli and popular Lebanese-French pianist and composer Rami Khalife have teamed up for the Italian luxury brand’s new seasonal campaign. For the collaboration, Khalife unveiled a new composition, written especially for the project, titled “New Time,” just like the campaign.  


Une publication partagée par Rami Khalife (@ramikhalifeofficial) le

As well as writing and performing the song, with drummer Aymeric Westrich, Khalife stars in the video, which was filmed amidst a beautiful and colourful sea of poppies in central Italy’s Castelluccio di Norcia. Khalife is seen surfacing from a cloak of white fog to take a seat at the piano. And as he’s playing, the camera zooms over to the surrounding Italian landscape. The video shows signs of rebirth awaiting the rays of sunshine to light up the colours of life. The brand also wants to convey the message that this time “mirrors the wisdom of nature in our souls, composing harmonic notes to be enriched by the melody of life, of culture, of creativity.”  

The haunting original melody, which was recorded at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris, is inspired by changes that occur with different seasons in Italy. In particular, the piece that has a sense of urgency reflects the atmosphere of the places shown in the video and the emotions expressed by its poignant images.  

The quote that appears at the end is by the 18th century German poet Novalis. "Nature is a musical instrument whose tones resonate with the deepest keys within us," he penned.  

About Castelluccio di Norcia 


Une publication partagée par Brunello Cucinelli (@brunellocucinelli) le

The plain of Castelluccio di Norcia is a place of rare and compelling beauty. Every year, from May to late July, the plateau fields are tinged with yellow, red, purple and blue. The flowers’ dazzling mix of colours, together with the cultivated land, resemble an impressionist painting and make a breathtaking and truly unique spectacle of nature.  

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