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UN Nominates Saudi Sarah Al-Tamimi, A Pioneer In Anti-Human Trafficking

On the occasion of World Trafficking Day, the vice chair of of Saudi Arabia’s National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, Sarah Al-Tamimi, has just been nominated by the UN Office in Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for her work in awareness against human trafficking in the Kingdom.

The UNODC opted to focus this year on the people behind the stringent fight against human trafficking around the world. From the Gulf, Al-Tamimim was the only person to be chosen to represent the Kingdom and the region.

“Enhancing quality of life for all is a key pillar of Vision 2030, which is a goal we also strive for at the committee,” Al-Tamimi said, according to Arab News.

Her nomination comes after Saudi Arabia progressed in its ranking in the Trafficking in Persons Report by the U.S State Department. The country moved from the ‘tier 3’ to the ‘tier 2 watch list’ in the most comprehensive analysis of anti-trafficking efforts report. The next goal on the line is for the Kingdom to reach the ‘tier 1’ list.

“Human trafficking is a crime that knows no borders, therefore neither can we who fight it,” said Al-Tamimi. “Combatting human trafficking, therefore, requires the participation of a variety of international and local actors that goes far beyond the public sector and operates in many areas –ranging from cyberspace to private-sector supply chains. 

In February, Al-Tamimi joined the National Referral Mechanism committee, which launched a month later, as vice chair. The Saudi trailblazer supervises training programs with partners at the UNODC and the International Organization for Migration and coordinates protection responses for victims and potential victims of trafficking.

“The most vulnerable are the ones who are most likely to be victims,” she added. 

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