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2 Female Arab Designers Create Sustainable Products For Nike

As part of its journey towards zero carbon and zero waste, Nike is offering stylish and sustainable masks and tote bags for the people of this region, by the people of this region.

Nike‘s store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates has re-opened while putting an emphasis on sustainability left, right and centre. What’s more, the leading designer, marketer and distributor of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories has gone the extra mile by partnering with a couple of Dubai’s leading female sustainable designers. Nike, which has Sun and Sands Sports as a local distributor, has teamed up with Leen Nizameddin, founder of SOUND.ON streetwear, and Engy Mahdy, founder of One and Four Studio to up-cycle old unused football jerseys into stylish tote bags and face covers.


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Commenting on the partnership, 25-year-old Nizamudeen said: “Nike’s ‘Move to Zero’ plan focuses on holistic sustainability by promoting zero waste and zero carbon. When creating the designs for my up-cycled masks I knew I needed to really translate that concept into reality in a simple yet innovative way.” She added all three masks show how re-modelling can spurn creativity.  


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Mahdy also commented on her collaboration, saying she was inspired by the Nike “Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit” shoe while designing the reusable tote. The “Air Vapormax, ”which has a circular design and is made with at least 50 percent recycled content by weight, is the most sustainable shoe developed by the American brand to date and is now available in store. “I drew direct inspiration from the shoe design and the organic lines it incorporates. This allowed for a way to divide the bag into sections utilising the different coloured jerseys that needed to be up-cycled,” Mahdy explained.


Une publication partagée par Amoory | عموري (@amoory10) le

Joining forces with Mahdy and Nizamudeen is in line with Nike’s global ‘Move to Zero’ strategy, which is driven by the belief that protecting the planet means protecting the future of sport against climate change. The company that caters for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities has had a decade-long commitment to strengthening its green credentials and creating a better future for sport in the region and globally.  

About the store 
As well as being the first store in the region to introduce digital footwear sizing screens to help shoppers find their exact sizes, Nike Mall of the Emirates has a customisation hologram for footwear, which shows visitors the ways they can customise their shoes. Additionally, customers have an apparel customisation option and bra fitting services. With transparent window LED screens that consume half the energy of a normal LCD screen, for example, the store represents a blend between sustainability and innovation in the region.

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