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A Look At The Charming Waterfalls of Saudi Arabia's Khairah Forest 

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Located in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia’s Hejazi region is Al Bahah Region, one of the Kingdom’s prime tourist attractions due to its pleasant climate, rich heritage, and reportedly 40 forests! Indeed, Al Bahah has been described as the “Pearl of Resorts” and the “Garden of Hejaz,” and today offers travelers plenty of historical monuments such as castles, forts, and ancient villages, valleys and rivers, parks, forests, and more.


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Amongst Al Bahah’s many forests is one that attracts visitors from across the country and beyond for its charming waterfalls and that is Khairah Forest Park. This stunning location is renowned for its lush green agricultural terraces – some 20,000 meters wide in total – that collect and store rainwater, and this stored water is the main source of Khairah Waterfall.  


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Also known as Qalt, Jader Waterfalls, or Prince Mishari Park, Khairah Waterfall is said to travel through a two-kilometer valley towards stunning lakes below that attract visitors from across the region. Families from all over often flock to this site to spend the day picnicking, barbequing, and letting their kids play in the nature and the designated playground area.  


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In addition to its natural offerings, the park also has a soccer field, forest walkways, and a few heritage locations. The mountains surrounding this area are home to wild olive and rare juniper trees, natural wells and interesting rock formations. Some visitors enjoy hiking through the nature, and the abundance of water and great weather means that locals grow a variety of produce from wheat to barley, pomegranate to apples.   

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