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Saudi Arabia’s Achievements In Sustainable Development

The Saudi Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 stands for a more diversified economy that shifts away from depending on the oil economy. The Kingdom is on the road to invest in more sustainable businesses that offer a prosperous future and endless work opportunities.

Under the UN’s Sustainable Goal Development, the Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning shared on Twitter bite-sized reports of the Kingdom’s achievements in recent years in the non-oil sectors. 

Whether in sustainable energy, tourism, or digital transformation, here’s how Saudi Arabia moves on the steady and powerful path of sustainable development. 

1. In digital transformation 
The National Digital Transformation Unit was founded in 2017 to maximize the potential of digital in the Kingdom and improve the overall quality of services. 

Saudi Arabia ranked 2nd among the G20 countries in allocation of globally identified frequency bands for providing public mobile telecommunication services. In terms of 5G network deployments, Saudi Arabia scored the rank of 4 globally. 

The National Strategy for Digital Transformation 2025 aims to digitally revamp 7 key areas: education, health, smart cities, the fourth industrial revolution, electronic commerce, security, tourism & culture. 

2. In sustainable economic projects 
To preserve its resources, the Kingdom continues to invests in projects that promise long-term successful returns. Here are some of the most prominent ones: 

  • The Sakaka Solar Energy Project in 2018


  • The historical launch of tourism visas  

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  • The Quiddiya Megaproject which is set to become the Kingdom’s capital in entertainment, culture, and art  


  • The establishment of Saudi Aramco Initial Public offering.  


3. In competitiveness & business climate 
As a result of investments enabling economic growth, Saudi Arabia earns itself high positions in global indices. 

In 2020, the Kingdom advanced 30 spots and ranked top as business climate improver..

As for global competitiveness, Saudi Arabia landed the position of 24 with a progress of 15 ranks from 2018.

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