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‘Lamatna Saudia,’ A Campaign By Sayidaty & Arrajol On The Upcoming 90th Saudi National Day

Celebrate Saudi national unity & pride!

To mark the 90th Saudi National Day, which takes place every year on the 23rd of September, Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines have launched “Lamatna Saudia”, in celebration of the nation, highlighting its progressive journey thus far, as well as its stunning landscapes, rich heritage, centuries-old architectural history, and uniquely diverse cultures. The campaign aims to expose the magazines’ readers to the many historical, geographical, touristic, civilizational, social, and cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia, and to highlight the technological and digital developments that the country has achieved to date.

“Lamatna Saudia” also aims to provide a key opportunity to creators across the country, both women and men of all ages and backgrounds, to take part in a competition that calls for sharing any form of creative work that express pride in Saudi Arabia. The criteria for what can be submitted is open to interpretation, so participants can choose to submit photos, poems, paintings, films, songs, or even essays on specific aspects of the country’s rich heritage, such as an artifact they may own, a traditional Saudi costume they like, a dish from a certain region, and more.

All submissions will be shared across the magazines’ various platforms, from social media to websites, and the best contributions will receive prizes and certificates of appreciation signed by Editor-In-Chief, Mohamed Fahad Al-Harthi. Speaking on the launch of the landmark campaign, Al-Harthi explained that “Lamatna Saudia” aims to motivate Saudis of all ages to bring out their creativity and pride in the country. As the editor-in-chief of both Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines, Al-Harthi also explained that the campaign’s main goal centers on allowing readers and others across the nation to show and express their solidarity, unity, and love for Saudi Arabia.

He added, "We at Sayidaty and Arrajol have launched various campaigns over the years that focus on the concept of mutual support between media and society. We see our responsibility as a well-established media platform to continuously seek ways to adopt all that can contribute to the development of our nation and to the continuation of its advancement.

“Today marks the launch of this important campaign, which has been envisioned first and foremost as a platform to celebrate our National Day, a date that is seen as one of the most prominent days in the history of Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the national unity from every city and village. The campaign also aims to highlight the country’s diverse forms of creativity by offering new opportunities for young creatives in various fields to present their work to the general public. It also provides a general public category for non-creatives who would like to also contribute to strengthening the national cohesion of our nation.”

Al-Harthi also stressed that, for 90 days, the focus will be on all forms of creative expression that highlight this unique historical moment for Saudi Arabia, one that places emphasis on the country’s advancement, as well as delves into a geographical and urban survey of the Kingdom’s journey towards achieving the goals laid out in its Vision 2030 strategy. He also called on everyone to join in celebrating a truly important historical day for the country, and together to make “Lamatna Saudia” one of the biggest national campaigns in the country’s recent history.

To Participants And Friends Of The Campaign
In a gesture of love and pride for Saudi Arabia, “Lamatna Saudia” aims to bring together prominent personalities and celebrities from across the Kingdom and beyond, in an expression of affection for the nation through testimonies, memories, and experiences.

In a campaign and competition that celebrates national unity and pride, everyone is a winner. “Lamatna Saudia” will run throughout the summer months, coming to an end with the celebrations of the 90th Saudi National Day in September 2020. The results of the competition will then be announced late October 2020.

All participations in the competition will be announced on the websites and social media platforms of Sayidaty and Arrajol, and a committee comprising various experts will determine which submissions meet the conditions of the competition. It is worth mentioning that there will be opportunities for distinguished female and male creators to join the "Sayidaty’s Friends" team, which allows them to publish their work next year, in 2021, on all the sites and platforms of the two magazines.

To Participate In The Campaign
Anyone who wishes to take part in “Lamatna Saudia” can send their submissions – be it a video, photo, audio, art pieces, or written message – to: [email protected] or [email protected], along with their name, city, and phone number if they wish to be contacted directly.

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