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Covid-19 Recoveries In Saudi Arabia Exceed New Cases

A bit of light in these unsettling times!

In their latest announcement, Saudi Health Ministry said that Covid-19 recoveries in the Kingdom top over than 203,000 cases. On July 20, the number of recoveries ( 5,524 ) doubled the amount of new cases (2,429). Here are the latest Covid-19 number as per the ministry’s Twitter account:

This fairly good signs of increasing recoveries and low death rate show the Kingdom’s relentless commitment in the fight against Covid-19. 

Dr. Al-Abdel Ali said on Sunday that “unlimited support to the health sector has contributed to the Kingdom achieving levels of health security for all those in need in all regions and for all groups.”

Back in June, Saudi Arabia landed on the list of top 20 safest countries in the world amidst the health crisis, according to a comprehensive data analysis by Hong Kong-based Deep Knowledge Group. Under the Deep Knowledge’s COVID-19 Safety Assessment criteria, KSA earned itself the 17th place and was classified in the “Tier 1” category “in terms of regional safety and stability”

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