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Sole DXB Goes Digital To Highlight Creative Diversity

Sole DXB 2019 

The creators and organizers of music and arts Sole DXB have launched a digital platform that honors the work of international creatives, showcasing contemporary culture from all over the world on one site.

The brainchild platform of Sole DXB, ‘’ includes exclusive interviews, essays, films, podcasts, visual art amongst other pieces of content by creatives from all over the world, including Jamaica, America, France, Canada, the UK and South Africa, as well as the UAE.  


Une publication partagée par Sole (@soledxb) le

Not shying away from the way social politics impact the arts and fashion industry, will also have a focus on socio-political topics including, sustainability, culture and race.

Joshua Cox, co-founder of Sole DXB, spoke about the new digital platform and stated, “ extends our storytelling and has been on the cards for a while. Historically, we travel a lot and meet people in their own cities, which then translates into our print magazine and festival.”


Une publication partagée par Sole (@soledxb) le

He continued, “We’re now using the platform to build new relationships, hear more points-of-view, and start conversations on the issues important to us. We’ll keep expanding our community and do what we’ve always done…using our platforms to showcase creative excellence and bringing you our view on the very best in contemporary culture.” 


Une publication partagée par Sole (@soledxb) le is expected to achieve maximum growth and recognition over the next 2 years as the team will utilize their access to their contacts from across the world whilst putting narratives from the MENA region, the Caribbean and their diasporas at the forefront.  


Une publication partagée par Sole (@soledxb) le

At present, the platform features works by Cape Town rapper, Youngsta CPT, Dubai based filmmaker, Amirah Tajdin and Sudanese-British journalist, Yousra Elbagir, just to name a few, and will continue to stand by Sole DXB’s foundation of connecting communities through arts and culture.  

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