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Saudi SFA Launches A Series Of Virtual Marathons For Everyone

Saudi’s “Step Together” is all about sparking or rekindling a love for fitness, especially in the great outdoors.

A string of virtual walking and running events kicks off in Saudi tomorrow, July 17. Called “Step Together,” the series is The Saudi Sports for All Federation’s (SFA) first outdoor event of the summer seasons. The exciting event is open to individuals, groups and community sports groups. To encourage group participation, the event even features a dedicated leaderboard for community sports groups, and members have the option of participating simultaneously in individual and group categories. Plus, all entrants can register any time during the 10-day period, which comes to a close on July 26. 

Since easing lockdown restrictions, the SFA’s first walk-run outdoor event appeals to people of all ages, demographics and abilities. Participating adults have the choice of doing a 42-kilometre full marathon or a 21-kilometre half marathon, while those under 15 are being challenged to take part in a 10-kilometre walk-run competition. And anyone who touches the virtual finish line earns medals and electronic certificates celebrating their achievement. 

Tech-friendly, the series allows fitness aficionados and those working on adding sports to their routine to use their favourite digital fitness tracker. After registering, users receive an email confirmation with a link and instructions about navigating the Race Result platform, where they can register their continuing progress each day. Results are validated by uploaded data and screenshots from any digital fitness tracke, and all participants can see how others are faring via the different categories of leaderboards. Talk about spurring motivation!  

The succession of competitive walk-runs is being staged under the banner of the Quality of Life programme. And “Step Together” hopes to propel Vision 2030 goals by encouraging people to maintain and increase their physical activity levels during the summer months. 

You can register on the Race Result platform here

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