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Rihanna’s New FENTY Launches In The Middle East On Farfetch

We were not ready for this one!

Images courtesy of FENTY

Purses at the ready!, the leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry announced its partnership with FENTY. The anticipated launch is in line with the brand’s 3rd drop of its summer collection, titled ‘Release 6-20’. Now only available on and, the multi designer platform will become FENTY’s first exclusive online retailer and will feature FENTY’s latest releases, including “Release 6-20” summer pieces, Amina Muaddi-designed FENTY shoes, and all other pieces from FENTY’s 2020 collections.  


Une publication partagée par FEИTY (@fenty) le

FENTY’s brand philosophy has a strong focus on inclusivity in its many forms, which is an extension of the brand’s founder, CEO and Artistic Director, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. This manifests in the FENTY style, as the aggregation of all releases serve to create a multi-faceted wardrobe that caters to customers regardless of size, race or gender. Farfetch, similarly, prides itself on the love of fashion, empowerment and individuality.


Une publication partagée par FEИTY (@fenty) le

Giorgio Belloli, Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer at Farfetch stated, “We are thrilled to welcome FENTY to the Farfetch platform. We’ve long admired FENTY’s innovative approach to luxury fashion retail and the way they champion inclusivity for customers,” he said. “FENTY was looking for a retail partner to double-down on its digital-first business model and with our global customer base and industry-leading platform model, it’s an ideal opportunity to work together.”  

The first major launch on is Drop 3 of “Release 6-20”, with the three-part collection being inspired by decades of youth aesthetics and styles that emerged during periods of steep social change; each drop celebrates a different facet of youth, expressed through varied style cues.  

“Drop 3” represents the culmination of summer, illustrated by a distinct 90s undertone, overdyed pinstripe, psychedelic flower motifs and asymmetric cuts that look to the spirit and optimism of youth to lead the way forward. FENTY also introduces its new multifunctional jewelry collection in this drop, featuring psyche flower charms made from multicolor resin, and strass adorn various lengths of a brass ball chain necklace with gold-tone or palladium finishes. 

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