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Dubai Design Week Goes Phygital

The forthcoming edition of Dubai Design Week (DXBDW) will take a new approach to showcase the works of local exhibitors. The event set to take place from November 9th -14th 2020 will now be both physical and digital – making it “phygital.” 


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Under social distancing restrictions, Dubai Design Week’s next event will feature “in-person” activities at their main hub located in Dubai’s Design District, and across the rest of the city, with themes including sustainability.  


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Ghassan Salameh, DXBDW’s creative director told The National, “I was very interested in trying to focus more on design that is responsible and purposeful, rather than the ones that are aesthetically focused or luxury or the collectible design. This has always been an important aspect of design for me. Our job as creatives is to provide solutions for the different problems the world is going through. We have to be relevant. We cannot sit on the side and keep doing things like we always do.”


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An open call will select exhibitors and participants. The iconic Abwab pavilion, which showcases commissioned architectural models, will then host submissions by creatives from the MENA region.  

To stay in line with the theme of sustainability, minimal waste and shared spaces, creatives will submit initiatives, concepts and ideas that take on the challenges of functional, modular and sustainable structures. What’s more is that the designers will take on the challenge of including spaces adhering to physical, social distancing guidelines.  

Dubai Design Week is working in partnership with Bee’ah, a Sharjah based environmental company, who will provide creatives with up-cycled and recycled materials to create their submissions.

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