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Buccellati Jewellery: An International Success Story with an Italian Twist

Buccellati is soon approaching its centenary, but Luca Buccellati, a third generation member of the renowned Milanese jewellers, explains how the company is staying true to its enchanting style.

Luca Buccellati

They say “God is in the details” and it is this passion about the specifics that has helped make Buccellati one of the finest handmade jewellery brands in the world. Plus, of course, there’s the hallmark ‘rigato’ engraving technique they use to create that unique matte surface.

We snapped up the chance to talk to Luca Buccellati, CEO of Mario Buccellati Italia, while he was in the region. He explains that while the company is growing internationally, with 19 stores worldwide, everything is still handmade in Milan, where Luca feels clients can really get a feel of all the zeal that goes into making the gems. After all, it is where his grandfather started “selling a dream” in 1919.

With 19 stores worldwide today, all Buccellato's pieces are still handmade in Milan.

1979 - Gianmaria Buccellati opens his flagship store in Paris

Tell us about the history of Buccellati.
Everything started in 1919. My grandfather Mario opened a small store in the Scala di Milano to display sketches and drawings of jewellery. At that time, buying gold was very expensive, and people would pass by and ask him: “What are you selling?” He’d say: “I am selling Dreams.” Our first store was in Milan, later Rome and Florence. Today we exist in 19 stores around the world. We are the first company to cross the sea and go to the USA in 1952. Ferragamo came after us in 1953. We still joke about this with the Ferragamo family. The company is growing fast but we will not change our style, our heritage, or our identity. We will continue to keep our DNA.

2001 - Gianmaria Buccellati launches his first watch collection

What makes your items unique? What are some techniques that you use?
It is the Buccellati style. Everything is handmade in Milan. We use a lot of engraving. You won’t find a polished piece in our collection. Never. We are crazy about details. The last thing we do before an item is displayed is the engraving of our brand-name… but before we do, we make sure everything is up to par.

2004 - Buccellati organizes the world preview of the Animalier collection

If you had to choose only one item from ‘The Opera’ collection, which would you pick?
The Sautoire necklace is very easy to wear. It is extremely versatile. It goes with everyday clothes like jeans and tees, and it’s just as chic at night with a black dress. The challenge was to make something easy; something affordable that the younger audience can buy… something that carries the Buccellati name. The necklace is handmade, and it takes 10 days to make.

Cuffs from the Opera collection

How would you describe the Buccellati woman?
She is Sophisticated. She knows what luxury truly is and indulges in it. She is a global citizen. She’s ambitious and knows exactly what she wants.

Pieces from the Opera collection​

Tell us about your experience in the Middle East.
The Buccellati style is very much alive in the Middle East, and so we wanted to come here and give the region an intimate look into our brand. At the same time, we also wanted to immerse ourselves into the rich culture and get to know the audience even better.

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