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Dubai’s RTA Appoints Its First Female Bus Drivers

In the first time in its history, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has appointed three female bus drivers within the city’s internal bus network. The new female drivers have been deployed as part of the RTA’s latest initiative to introduce more jobs for women within a male-dominated industry, as it stands. 

The RTA tweeted alongside a press release, “RTA Dubai recruits the first batch of three female bus drivers,” reads the tweet. This initiative is a landmark move, as it is the first of its kind within the UAE. Most RTA employees, from school bus to taxi drivers, are predominantly male, bar the pink airport taxis, which are driven by women.  

CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, said in a statement, “This initiative goes with the best global practices of employing female drivers likewise their male counterparts. The step creates job opportunities for women in a field dominated by men and promotes the culture of using public transport in the community, thus contributing to the delivery of better services to clients.”

In its first stages, the initiative has deployed the female bus drivers on three of Dubai’s most important routes. Bahrozyan added, “RTA is always keen to continue its pioneering efforts, and this initiative of employing female bus drivers is unprecedented in the Middle East region and is a brilliant addition to this record. The step is also compatible with RTA’s principle of empowering women and achieving gender balance across various jobs.” 

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