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Follow Saudi Fashion-Forward Maven Nojoud Al Rumaihi On Instagram

We wonder what’s next for the Saudi who is always looking for a new challenge..

Saudi tastemaker Noujoud Al Rumaihi’s Instagram page is a mélange of exquisitely stylish outfits. From wearing prêt-à-porter or haute couture to twinning with her daughter Lulua, the fashion and lifestyle influencer offers some seriously inspirational looks. Yet that’s only part of passionate, driven and goal-oriented Al Rumaihi’s story. She’s a marketing specialist, plus she has worked extensively in event production and management and is the Co-Founder of Upbeat, an inventive exhibitions and event management company. 

A marketing enthusiast since she was young, Al Rumaihi graduated from Al Yamama University in Riyadh with a degree in Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support. With parents that were happy to encourage success and her volunteer work experience, which helped engrain dependability and willpower, it wasn’t a surprise to see her rise to fame as a fashion and lifestyle blogger on Instagram. 

And like other fashion references in the region, she has landed some work with several iconic brands, including Tom Ford, Dior and Piaget. Her online achievement led Al Rumaihi, who also has a Masters in International Marketing from King's Business School, the business school of King's College London, to start her dream career in marketing. And with all the stars aligning, the astute fashionista went on to launch her own company, Upbeat, with husband Abdullah AlRasheed, who is also involved in the field. 

“My experience in building brands started with creating my own through social networks and blogging about lifestyle and marketing. Through creating the right content, the right brand alignments were achieved and I now look forward to offering the same strategies to corporations,” Al Rumaihi, who has lived in various places around the world, something that has also helped create the perfect job for her, explains on her LinkedIn page.  

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