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Saudi Dr. Jinan Al Omran Heads Drugs Logistics Department In The Kingdom

Dr. Jinan Al Omran joins a string of firsts that have been achieved by Saudi women over the past four years by becoming the first woman to be Director of Supply and Logistics in Prince Sultan Military Medical City. Dr. Al Omran brings in over 13 years of experience in strategic development and sustainability of the medical field to her new role.

Speaking to local news media Okaz, the newly appointed director discussed her future plans for the department and took the time to call for the increase in female leadership within the sector, saying, “The aspirations of the Saudi citizen have no limits. We, as women, are part of the ambitious nation. We have a passion to work together, to keep pace with aspirations to achieve the best.” 

To mark the start of her tenure with the Medical City, Dr. Al Omran discussed a series of short and long-term plans aimed at localizing and improving the supply chain, from medical to non-medical materials, as well as boosting overall efficiency, developing all services, and expediting the facility’s digital transformation.

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

“These goals will only be achieved with team spirit, development of all skills, and strengthening mechanisms for developing the performance of management that I aspire to be the perfect model among the catering and logistics departments in all sectors,” she explained. 

Dr. Al Omran also took the opportunity to highlight the importance of logistic services to the economy of Saudi Arabia and the region as a while, pointing out that not only is an efficient logistics industry key to global trade, it is worth 750 billion dollars annually in the world, employing between 15% and 20% of the workforce in developed countries.  

Dr. Al Omran began her journey into medicine in 2006, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences at King Saud University. She then attended a foundation course on evidence-based medicine at the National & Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice in Riyadh in 2011.  

Over the course of her career, Dr. Al Omran has worked in many roles, including staff pharmacist at Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health, pharmacist-in-charge of the clozapine clinic, Armed Forces Hospital and Manar Clinic, pharmaceutical planner at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, and head of planning at the same facility. 

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