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KSA Produces 10 Million Masks Daily

Via Bloomberg

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Minister of Industry Bandar Al-Khorayef said on television that the Kingdom’s production of face masks increased five times to meet needs and avoid any shortages.

"Saudi Arabia’s production of masks reached a record level of 2.5 million masks daily. The targeted volume of production is 10 million masks daily,” he said. 

Al Khorayef added that the industry will revamp its operations across levels such as customs, financing and organization to improve production in many sectors. “The Kingdom focuses on initiatives and legislation aimed at facilitating investments in vital and multiple industrial sectors, including the mining sector. 

“Work is under way in the Ministry of Industry to amend and expand the program of initiatives to stimulate the private sector as well as to expand important productive sectors that have gained significance in global scale during the corona pandemic period,” he said. 

Priority sectors currently are the sectors of the factories related to food and medicine. Al Khorayef said that these sectors have benefited from the support packages, according to Saudi Gazette. “Products of these factories have witnessed growing demand during the pandemic period on regional and global levels,” he added.

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