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Netflix’s New Series Features Stellar Lebanese Director Nadine Labaki

A short film series made in confinement with no filming budget? We’re here for it.

A new series, entitled, “Homemade” is an anthology of short film by 18 world famous filmmakers and directors and representing the Arab world is none other than Nadine Labaki. The Lebanese filmmaker and her husband Khaled Mouzanar, which are behind landmark films Caramel and Capernaum, are taking part in the short films series revolving around confinement through many genres from drama to comedy.


Une publication partagée par Nadine Labaki (@nadinelabaki) le


Une publication partagée par Nadine Labaki (@nadinelabaki) le

Debuting for the first time on Netflix, Nadine Labaki’s short films made in confinement will be featured in the “Homemade” collection amongst films by Sebastian Schipper from Berlin, Kristen Stewart from LA and David Mackenzie from Glasgow, amongst others.

With raw human emotion at the center of the project, the power duo drew creative inspiration from their position as parents amidst the pandemic. “This question has been tormenting us as parents for a while: How are our children perceiving or living the confinement? What goes on in their minds?When the producers of Homemade contacted us to be part of this project, it was the perfect occasion for us to explore this dimension,” she stated in a Netflix statement announcing the release.

Produced by The Apartment Pictures and Fabula, “Homemade” is an intimate insight into storytelling without all the usual frills of filmmaking – hinting that some of the short films have been made in self-isolation. Fabula’s CEO Juan de Dios Larraín stated, “It’s quite democratic. This is not about resources, this is about the craft of filmmaking.”

The filmmakers have explored a new aspect of their creativity without having access to a budget or professional equipment at this time, and Director of Original Films at Netflix, Teresa Moneo said, “seeing the stories of others can open hearts and minds and make us all feel more connected. This is why, in these unprecedented times, we are humbled to work with this incredible ensemble of diverse filmmakers and to bring their personal stories to our members around the world.”

“Homemade” will be available on Netflix from June 30th 2020. Are you tuning in?

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