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A Destiny’s Child Reunion? Here's What We Know So Far

'Say my name, say my name'

The late 90s and early 2000s marked an era in music that produced some of the greatest hits within the RnB and pop scene, and at the forefront of it was Destiny’s Child. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were the talented trio responsible for the likes of “Say My Name, Bootlylicious” and “Bills, Bills, Bills”, which are still some of their most iconic releases.

The band parted ways in 2006 and we saw Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle pave their own ways within the music industry. The iconic RnB trio reunited two years ago to perform at Coachella, but rumor has it, the band may reunite once again for a spectacular show to mark 30 years of Destiny’s Child.

According to a British publication, there had been “tentative talks” between the band members with a view to release new music later this year. The source also stated that “They’ve always said they would get back together one day when the time is right – and there is no time like the present.”


Une publication partagée par Destiny's Child (@destinyschild) le

Destiny’s Child is one of the most successful girl groups in the world, and their track record proves it; they had been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and had sold over 60 million records worldwide. Following their decision to part ways, Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle remained close and have even featured in one another’s music since. Last year as she spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Rowland hinted at a possible reunion as she said, “I know every time there is a decision to be made for myself and the ladies to do something, it’s usually a surprise. Our fans have always been so supportive and so awesome, so I like to give them surprises.”


Une publication partagée par Destiny's Child (@destinyschild) le

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father and former Destiny’s Child manager, also confirmed a performance to mark the 30th year since the band formed, as he stated, “we’ll reveal some of the original Destiny’s Child wardrobe. So it would be great to consummate that with a Destiny’s Child tour, or integrate a tour into that activity.”

Watch this space!

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