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Staycay At This Intimate & Authentic French Mountain Retreat

Privacy is guaranteed and there are some unique spa treatments, making Refuge de la Traye the perfect spot to start erasing the stress, fear and worry caused by Coronavirus anxiety… 

©Gilles Trillard

Slowly yet surely, travel and tourism is beginning to re-open, sending holiday enthusiasts into a flurry of research activity. If you’re looking for a small luxury option that advocates the eco-responsible approach, Refuge de la Traye may be just the right pick. With a capacity of 19 people and only accessible by foot, electric vehicle or horseback, the hotel nestled in the heart of France’s Trois Vallés is the perfect “new travel normal” destination for those wanting to avoid large crowds. What’s more, the intimate and authentic mountain retreat, which opened in December 2019, is offering some exciting programmes for its first summer season.

Fitness Retreats 
In collaboration with Ma Bulle, the hotel is organising two health and fitness retreats during the summer months. If you’re the adventurous type who loves the great outdoors and wants to make the most of being in a green haven, activities like hiking, mountain biking and a tree top adventure course are waiting to be experienced. For those who prefer something on the mellow spectrum, meditation, yoga, pilates and stretching classes are also available.

This programme will also include some exclusive spa treatments, ranging from traditional facials and body massages to cutting-edge self-care cabins. These include Iyashi Dome sauna, MostLEDS and Wellsystem treatments. Being at Refuge de la Traye also allows you the chance to de-stress in a milk bath or a haybed with stunning views over the surrounding mountains. Guests can enjoy these unique amenities without being part of the retreat’s programme.

Family Holidays  
Enjoyable meals are a definitive part of any family holiday, and at Refuge de la Traye, guests get to indulge in gourmet treats, whether under the stars or in the warmth of the sun. Plus, every Sunday at noon, the hotel is holding Guinguettes, French traditional and casual outdoor parties. And while tucking into a well-earned barbecue after a hike, guests can relax to the sounds of an accordanist performing.

As well as pottery and painting activities for the little ones, Refuge de la Traye is organising visits to its own animal pen. Children can really benefit from the interactive learning experience in a bona fide rural setting. Whether it’s the marvelous work of bees, the gentle nature of Valais Blacknose sheep, the mischievious goats or the little donkeys, there’s so much to soak in about the animal world.  

All photos: ©Gilles Trillard

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