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Saudi Diriyah Gate Moves Forward With Construction Despite All

First phase construction resumed a few weeks ago.

Ad Diriyah sits across 1700 acres of land and is one of Saudi Arabia’s most noted historical and culturally rich, heritage sites. Currently under development, Diriyah Gate will host the Old Town’s transformation into a nucleus of lifestyle, culture, education and hospitality that will also be home to over 300 years of Saudi Arabian history.

Diriyah Gate is set to be “a place of historical significance for Saudis” and a cultural touristic hotspot for those who wish to visit.

At this moment in time, the first phase of the site is under construction and the developers are looking to restore Ad Diriyah’s infamous natural gems, including Wadi Hanifa, which is a valley that runs right through the town. The construction project will also replant over 20,000 palms before the end of 2020.

Danielle Ainslie, Chief Marketing Officer at the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, told Arab News that the refurbishment of Wadi Hanifa would create “one of the Kingdom’s largest and most beautiful parks.” She continued, “When I close my eyes and I think of Diriyah, I think of palm trees. So, restoring the wadi to this beautiful parkland is going to be really important.”

Diriyah Gate’s restoration is also expected to become an outstanding destination dedicated to dining and entertainment as Ainslie explained, “Diriyah already is an amazing gathering place and what we’re building is one of the world’s greatest gathering places. Obviously, a key part of that is its dining and food; it is a real reason why people come to visit.”

Visitors can expect to trial a plethora of culinary delights from local dishes to luxury eateries, which will be situated within venues that are authentic to the Ad Diriyah site to honor its heritage, mysticism and culture.

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, it seems nothing will stands in the way of the construction and restoration of Diriyah Gate as Ainslie added, “it is business as usual and the focus is on Vision 2030 and realizing Vision 2030.”

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