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Get Crafty With Alexander McQueen Creators…Again

There is something about getting creative during times of quarantines, lockdowns and for some who can’t work, a sense of peace and having something to do. Which is why British luxury fashion house, Alexander McQueen’s Creators YouTube tutorials are something to look forward to!


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 This week, Alexander McQueen is inviting followers and fans to create patchwork using scraps of fabric found around the house, whilst taking inspiration from the label’s quilt coat and suit that was seen in their AW2020 womenswear collection in Paris earlier this year.


Une publication partagée par Alexander McQueen (@alexandermcqueen) le

The patterns for these looks were inspired by the allegorical tailor’s quilt at the St Fagan’s National Museum of History in Cardiff, Wales. It was handstitched across the span of 16 years, starting in 1842 and was made by master tailor, James Williams, and comprises over four and a half thousand fabric patches. Welsh tailors’ quilts were usually made from salvaged flannel taken from mill sample books, suits and military uniforms – providing a record of both the materials and social history of the time in which they were made.

From drawing inspiration from history to creating one today, a tutorial video featuring a member of the McQueen design team making the tailor’s quilt patchwork is now available on the Alexander McQueen YouTube channel.

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