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Dr. Nawf AlGublan, A Dedicated Saudi Frontliner Saving Lives In The U.S

The Saudi female hero says that she hopes to continue making her country proud wherever she is...

A wakeup call to all of us, this pandemic is shedding light on how vital essential workers are to our survival. More than 6000 Saudi doctors are working around the clock to fight coronavirus in many countries around the world. One of them is Dr. Nawf AlGublan, a Saudi doctor working in the United States, whose inspiring career caught the attention of HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, who shared her story on her Twitter page.  
A successful nephrologist, Dr. Nawf AlGublan, currently practices in Boston and is a proud alumnus of the Brigham & Women’s Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital Join Nephrology Fellowship.

The coronavirus pandemic was not a reason for her to give up or self-doubt her medical abilities. AlGublan, who is also a mother, believes that the health crisis reminded her why she is a doctor in the first place.  

“When the pandemic began, I continued to perform my duties because my job as a doctor is humanitarian,” AlGublan says.  

In service of humanity, AlGublan is source of eminent pride for Saudis in the Kingdom and abroad. The health hero counts on her support system, which keeps her motivation levels up. Whether it is from her family, friends or neighbors, sweet messages of encouragement fuel her to thrive on the frontlines of COVID-19. AlGublan also notes that her patients have played a role in boosting her morale. “I would ask’ them How are you doing?’ and my patients with reply with ‘And how about you?’”

The Saudi trailblazer has come to witness how beautiful and symbolic it is for the medical and healthcare community to work hand in hand to put an end to the virus.  

Her story reminds us how important it is to give thanks to essential workers and support them in any way we can.  “My message to the world is that I hope this ordeal passes quickly. This sense of community in the medical sector is nothing short but admirable. In times like these, all healthcare workers need moral support,” AlGublan says. 

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