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Global Wellness Day: Escape To Mandarin Oriental's Virtual Retreat

Get the don’t disturb sign ready for the sunset meditation and sound-healing relaxation that takes you straight to Bodrum…

Overwhelmed by the effects of COVID-19, people have come to realise the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing, making Global Wellness Day more significant than ever before. And the decision-makers at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group are making it possible to celebrate the social platform dedicated to living well on a truly global scale. The hotel chain long-known for innovative wellness programmes and spas that prioritise caring for the mind, body and spirit is offering ‘24 Hours of Wellness’ on 13 June. The barrier-breaking day-long Instagram livestream highlights numerous wellbeing experiences at its hotels around the world. 


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“During this time of unprecedented stress and anxiety, we all need calming and life-affirming experiences” Jeremy McCarthy, Group Director of Spa and Wellness, said. “While many cannot physically visit one of our spas at this time, our goal with this initiative is to use technology to bring Mandarin Oriental’s wellness expertise into our guests’ homes, wherever they may be in the world.” 


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Whether you fancy doing a yoga session on the river in Bangkok, taking part in a healthy cooking tutorial in sunny Miami, or discovering a ‘Secret Thai Chi Garden’ in Italy’s serene Lake Como region, the virtual journey around the world allows you to enjoy the beneficial complimentary experiences live.  


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Activities that are closer to home include experiencing a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls in Doha, getting to know traditional Moroccan beauty recipes in Marrakech and getting your groove on thanks to a dance work out in Jumeirah. And then there’s the perfect way to wind down, a sunset meditation and sound-healing relaxation in Bodrum, that must-visit resort on the Turkish Riviera.  


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The Asian-rooted award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences is hosting the events from individual Mandarin Oriental property Instagram accounts each hour.  


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For times and full calendar of complimentary activities, visit: 

About Global Wellness Day  


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With the slogan ‘One day can change your whole life,’ Global Wellness Day has been celebrated annually on the second Saturday of June every year since 2012. Established in Turkey by Belgin Aksoy, a successful businesswoman from the country, it has become a worldwide observance, with 150 countries taking part in 2019. The social project aims to direct the thoughts of individuals and society towards “living well” and raise awareness about it. Additionally, Global Wellness Day is working towards helping people recognise the value of life and getting them to stop and contemplate, even if it is just for just one day. The entirely not-for-profit day also aspires to help us avoid the stress of everyday city life and bad habits, while making peace with ourselves and boosting motivation are the other main goals.   

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