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Wanderlust? These 8 European Destinations Are Welcoming Tourists Again

Got travel plans this summer?

Your perfect getaway might be on the horizon sooner than you think! All over the world, and quite possibly due to economic strains, many countries are easing up on their lockdown restrictions, which means that life as we know it could be returning back to normal – albeit a new one. If you were itching to pack a case and travel once again, these are the European countries that have announced that they’ll be reopening their borders to tourists this summer… 

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Turkey’s government is hoping to indulge international tourists by the middle of June. Despite international flights being limited for now, you may not have to wait very long to embark on that trip! 

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With hotels, markets, shops and restaurants having opened already, Switzerland has announced that it would be opening its borders to international visitors from the middle of July.

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It has been reported that from June 15th, Belgium would be re-opening its borders to international visitors too. Shops and museums are now open as well as some tourist attractions that re-opened earlier this month.  

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Spanish borders are set to be opening from July for international tourism, and domestic flights will be resuming from mid-June. Those entering the country will be vetted on whether they are coming in from a country that has a low numbers of cases with the coronavirus.  

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The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer up the perfect beach getaway, and have already reopened some hotels and shops and are permitting some beach access too. That being said, the mandatory self-isolation restrictions will be relaxed from mid-June.  

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Italy has recently reopened non-essential shops, museums, parks and restaurants and are now due to reopen their borders to tourists. The country has also relaxed their self-isolation restrictions and hotels are set to open this month too.  

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Portugal are officially welcoming tourists this summer depending on a good clean bill of health. Reopening dates are set to be announced soon. 

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This month, on June 15th to be exact, Greece will resume its tourist season! Thessaloniki and Athens airports will reopen within the next week and direct flights to other mainland and island destinations will resume from July 1st from Greece.  

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