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Saudi Home Workout Initiative Raises $33K Worth Of Food Donations

Remember Baytak Nadeek initiative? Saudi Arabia's Sports For All Federation came up with full-fledged workout from home programs to keep the community active during lockdown.

Well, the online sports platform added to its gains (pun intended) a charitable accomplishment. The quarantine fitness drive movement raised SR 125,000 or $33,333 to the Saudi Food Bank.

After Baytak Nadeek launched 'Move To Donate' campaign during Ramadan, the growing fitness community gathered 5,500 pledges to maintain healthy minds and bodies and practice the valuable act of giving back to those in need.

Saudis signed up online to take part in this charitable fitness challenge in which every pledge was matched with a food bank donation in the Kingdom.

How can one sweat for a cause? Participants had their fair share of jumping jacks, sit-ups, jogging, running in place and others, and motivated others to do the same via social media.

Best part is they were not left alone. A team of expert trainers updated the Sports For All community with the latest calorie blasting workout combos, tips, and fitness from home hacks. The awesome captains include Najia Alfadl, Aya Alduhaiman, Fahad Al-Sahli, Abdullah Fallatah, Ahmad Al-Mosabi and Yasmine Hassan.

Supported by the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, Baytak Nadeek carried out all of its fitness activities in line with the Ministry of Health's social distancing and isolation requirements. By the end of April, the nationwide campaign had reached 4 million people and led the generation of a huge amount of user-generated media on social networks.

Ready to workout?

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