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Saudi Arabia's 'Awdah' Helped Around 13K Expats Return To Their Home  

'Awdah' is Arabic for return.

In light of the pandemic, Saudi Arabia's 'Awdah' has helped facilitate the travel of 12,790 expats wishing to return home, despite the current travel bans. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the program to assist the return of stranded expats return to their home countries safely. 

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the initiative received a total of 178,452 individual registrations between April 22 to June 3. 

People eligible for this service include residents with exit and re-entry visas, final exit visas, and individuals with visit visas. Expats were flown if their home countries agreed to receive them. 

Interested expats should fill a registration form via Absher platform where they provide residency number, date of birth, phone number, city of departure and name of airport at home country. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and other governmental organizations continue to join forces to help stranded expats return home. 

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