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Arab Fashion Week Will Land On A Fabulous Digital Runaway

The innovative digital edition of Arab Fashion Week is in line with a growing movement within the fashion industry…

Whether the shows in London and Milan or the crème de la crème on the fashion calendar, Paris Haute Couture Week, major fashion events are shifting to digital editions to help control the spread of COVID-19 and endorse sustainability within the industry. One of the most anticipated fashion events in the region, Arab Fashion Week (AFW), is also taking precautionary measures and skipping the traditional runway format. The Arab Fashion Council announced this month’s version of the bi-annual fashion extravaganza will be completely digital for the first time ever.


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The event taking place from June 24-26 is primed to be streamed live to audiences around the world on the AFW website and in partnership with top social media sites, allowing anyone to tune in and see the dazzling creations. As well as streaming runway shows featuring the latest and best in Arab and regional-based fashion and design, the new format will also feature panel discussions. Plus, the public will be able to shop the runway collection directly online via a selected luxury e-commerce platform. This new practice enables viewers to order runway pieces six months in advance of normal retail distribution. Alternatively, shoppers who prefer to see the pieces up close and personal before buying will be able to give them the onceover at a dedicated pop-up in 1422 Concept Store at City Walk, Dubai.


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 “We are thrilled to be able to revolutionise the traditional calendar by adapting a new digital experience that best fits the global financial and digital trend,” Jacob Abrian, the Arab Fashion Council’s CEO and Founder, said in statement. “We consider this move as a victorious step to shape the future of the fashion system into a more consumer-conscious platform and sustainable culture.”


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Mohammed Aqra, the Arab Fashion Council’s Chief Strategy Officer also commented on the exciting, new edition of the three-day long event, saying change is needed in the fashion industry now more than ever.

“What we cherish now, the way we perceive luxury and the way we engage with things is completely different with how it used to be when the current fashion system was last updated in the last century. COVID-19 . . . has been the key accelerator to lead decisions in reshaping the norms,” he added, according to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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