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7 Things We Can Expect From AlUla's Reopening in October

The Saudi gem is to open again in October 2020.

We're not here to play favorites but AlUla has a special place in our hearts... These few months of closure may be a blink of an eye compared to AlUla's longstanding history of 250 000 years but we cannot wait to visit this magnificent destination once again.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all touristic destinations around the world are remodeling their offerings to a abide by social distancing measures. And AlUla is another hotspot adapting to this new era of tourism, and so we can expect safe distance measures to be taken without compromising on the fun!

Here are a few pointers to note before you plan your visit:

1. Al Ula will open in October 2020 and will be accessible all year round - happy dance.

2. Local storytellers (Rawis) will guide you through walks, trails, and other exciting activities. Self-guides options are also available.

 3. Al Ula is offering more immersive experience to highlight local customs and traditions.

 "We are developing immersive, light-touch experiences that harness the power and silence of the landscapes, experiences like guided stargazing in a desert night sky that has inspired science, religion, philosophy, art and literature for millennia,” told Phillip Jones of the Royal Commission for AlUla to Arab News.

4. Adrenaline seekers can hop on a desert buggy to discover their surroundings.


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 5. Visitors can marvel at the volcanic craters and lava fields in Harrat Khaybar area from vintage light aircraft.

 6. Princess Noura Farm is the perfect opportunity for families to gather and explore the local flora and fauna.

 7. A local and tourist favorite, Winter at Tantora festival will return with amazing entertainment experiences.

Who's excited?

P.S: if you can't wait until October, you can still visit AlUla from your couch. Learn more about it here.

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