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These 5 Countries Are Opening Their Borders To Tourists This Summer

Let's face it, being quarantined over the past 3 months has left us all wanting to take the next flight out for a vacation.

The whole world has been self-isolating following the outbreak of COVID-19, and though travel will never be the same ever again, there is most definitely a “new normal” on the horizon when it comes to making those vacation plans.

There are some countries who have decided to re-welcome tourists for the summer by opening up borders, as well as to allow for their citizens to return home. Since many countries all over the world rely heavily on tourism revenues which contribute a significant amount to their economies, these 5 are allowing people to visit but not without strict safety measures…

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European countries, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland have decided to reopen their “common borders” by mid June. From May 11th, Switzerland reopened its museums, restaurants, shops and bars, with a view to allow tourists to visit once again. In a few weeks, non-European visitors may be able to enjoy a break – but will have to be tested at the airport and adhere to maintaining sanitary rules.

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From July 1st, Greece will welcome back tourists since they contribute heavily to the country’s economy. That being said, partying and nightlife won’t be what many visitors and locals are used to as there won’t be much of it at all. Tourists will be encouraged to take part in small group activities including canoeing, boating, and outdoor adventure. International visitors will all have to enter the country via Athens where there will be tested for COVID-19 and temperature checks.

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Mexico is a dream destination for many people and the country will now be opening its beaches to international visitors starting this month in multiple stages across July and August.

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Turkey has been working hard on creating an “internationally recognized certification system” which will determine hotels, restaurants and tourist sites as “COVID-19 –free zones,” by enforcing stringent sanitation procedures. Visitors to the country will have to declare health documents on arrival that state they do not have the corona virus. With the aim to reopen borders to tourists as soon as possible, it has been reported that international flights may start taking off this month.

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Close to Turkey is the holiday destination island of Cyprus. The country has been reportedly rather effective in battling the virus and it has been decided that airports will resume operations on the 9th of June.

Visitors from nearby countries in which the virus is being controlled well, will be welcome, including, Israel, Greece, the UAE, and some European countries also.

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