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Check Out Messika's Amazing Diamond Mask

Which Arab star do you see walking the red carpet with this bejewelled mask?

Masks, which have become a necessity just like gloves and hand sanitizers to help us co-exist with COVID-19, are the in-demand fashion accessory of the season. And as lots of brands release colourful, cool masks with creative designs, boundary-pushing Messika Paris has designed one decorated with beautiful diamonds.

“The world as we know it has changed... Before we get back to a semblance of normal life, we’re going to have to protect ourselves. Protecting yourself and the people around us. The idea of the mask is a way of allowing us to continue our daily activities. Always inspired by my daily life, I couldn’t help but dream of it as a style accessory rather than just medical protection,” Valérie Messika, the Founder and Creative Director of the French luxury jewellery and high jewellery maison coveted by countless celebrities, said.

When designing The Mask, Valérie, the daughter of celebrity diamond dealer André Messika, felt she had to include an ode to her series of “Move” collections. They reflect a vision of love and feeling that is unconditionally lived in the past, present and future. She subsequently incorporated three diamonds in motion at the side of the black creation.

The maison founded in 2005 revealed another kind of unique masterpiece earlier this year. For the first time, Valérie, who focuses on femininity, comfort and modernity, created a high jewellery mask that highlights the house’s jewellery-making expertise. The Desert Bloom mask, entirely set in diamonds, is what masquerade party dreams are made of. Super feminine, the piece that can instantly add a hefty dose of mystery and glamour has no less than four different types of settings to showcase the marquise and brilliant cut diamonds. Each marquise cut diamond on the mask, which is fastened at the back of the head with a satin ribbon, is accentuated by a feather setting, one of Messika’s signatures.

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