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Saudi Student Wins 'Best Working Paper' In Oxford Meet

Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing an upshot in female participation and achievements in all scientific fields. Lately PhD scholarship student Norah Abdullah Bazakh Madkhali from Jazan University won the “Paper of the Day” at the International Nursing Research Conference, for her research  ‘An Exploration of Breast Health Awareness: Uncovering Experiences of Saudi Women’ at the University of Oxford in Britain.

The paper discussed the effects of culture, religion and current health services among patients in creating awareness in the Saudi society regarding breast cancer in different cases. This is because most cancers are related to Saudi women. The paper showed opinions and experiences of women and medical staff on the discovery of the ailment on different physical, psychological and social aspects.

The paper also discussed the challenges and difficulties that face both the women diagnosed with breast cancer and the medical staff dealing with such cases. Madkhali also put forward different recommendations to improve health awareness in breast cancer in the community.

Chair, Julie McGarry said, “This paper offered a passionate and engaging journey into the beliefs, values and cultural influences that impact on reporting by women and responses by professionals and within the particular context of Saudi culture.”

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