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Prep A Lip-Smacking Meal With These Cooking Kits

As well as being super yummy with natural ingredients, these cooking kits are the perfect solution to preparing a fantastic meal in just 15 minutes…

Heading out to eateries remains questionable for some, but thankfully it’s always possible to indulge in restaurant-quality meals at home. Cooking can be fun, and if you prefer it to ordering take-away, but want to cut down that prep work time or can’t get a hold of certain ingredients, Cloud Restaurants have come up with the perfect solution. They have recently launched Go! Cook, a new DIY cooking kit delivery service.

The easy-to-use cooking kits, which come with instructions and freshly made, high-quality ingredients, are delivered right to your doorstep. As well as giving you the satisfactory feeling of making a delicious, healthy and preservative-free dish all by yourself, they come with nutritional labels. This gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are eating, something you do not get the luxury of knowing when ordering take-aways.

Go! Cook can be used for planning a family evening, allowing you to rustle up some munchies the kids will enjoy, like mozzarella balls, vegetable spring rolls or halloumi fries. Plus, the kits can be your secret weapon when it comes to impressing your other half with your cooking skills. How about transporting him to Italy on your date night with some freshly homemade Pumpkin Gnocchi Pomodoro and Mushroom Risotto Arancini?

 Alternatively, delight him with a taverna-style setting by placing some Tzatziki and eggplant dips, along with pita bread, imported directly from Greece, on the table. The kits are also perfect for stashing in the freezer, allowing you to grab something ready to eat in under 15 minutes for those super busy days. You can also order on Deliveroo and have a meal delivered to your home in lightning speed.

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