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How This Saudi Great-Grandma Is Giving Back This Ramadan

Grandmas are made of gold…

Giving back enhances spirituality during Ramadan and is an important part during Ramadan. As people around the world fast throughout the Holy month , many are unsure if they’ll be able to safeguard an iftar meal at the end of the day. Throughout the year but especially in Ramadan, compassion and altruism are heightened and so, lending a helping hand is considered sacred.

Al-Sharifa Wadea’a Al Hazza is a Saudi great-grandma – and we mean it in every sense of the word- that is giving back to the underprivilege in the most unique of ways.

With lockdown and social distancing measures put in place, technology is here to compensate for the lack of human interaction, a crucial part of being charitable. “It is an important part of the teachings of Islam to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters,” Al Hazza told to Arab News.

Impacting society towards the better is quality endowed in her since her childhood. Al Hazza cherishes her previous visits to families in need to provide them with food and other necessities. She fondly remembers the heartwarming food drives she took part in, where she distributed boxes wrapped with love.

“This Ramadan I bought SR15,000 ($3,993) worth of prepaid cards and sent them over to needy families. Of course, the amount depends on each household and the number of individuals in it.” Thanks to technology, Al Hazza is glad that she was able to help but she admitted that it will never replace the rewarding experience of buying groceries herself for others.

“I’m an old lady. I no longer have the strength but I still make sure to actively fill boxes with essential items of daily use such as flour, milk, rice, oil, sugar, and tea. I sneak in chocolates and chips for families with children and teens because I know they have a sweet tooth,” she added.

It’s the sweet stories like Al Hazza’s that makes this world a brighter place, no matter how chaotic it may feel sometimes.

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